Beyonce is pregnant again

Hell, I still have much pleasure in using the term "IN BUBBLE".

It's so ugly and it takes so much prestige in childbirth (far be it from me to take away the prestige of epistolary, ladies, you give life and soon your shower baby will be very very fun). I prefer above all with this expression, it is surprising whispered conversation in the bus in which he discussed "as part of a balloon. "Whispered lip behind a dismissive hand. Barely perceptible under the "ding!" Incessant grannies who do not want to miss their stop at Super C. This kind of expression there, it says not strong. Because being in the balloon, it's never a good sign. It's like being pregnant, but with a spot of orange juice on the t-shirt, flip-flops on a four-wheeler. I closed the moment the intro-aside because my faith, I digress.

Still, rumors rife since the old lady Single parent was in New York in a dress that seemed, in all likelihood, make a sketch of baby- on-the-way. A SMALL belly