Kristen Stewart "driving scenes" on her new movie

News about Kristen Stewart seemed to have no end, she has become a celebrity star and Fashion Trends and highlights news for Fashion lovers today. As the reports from Fashion Leak (Oct/4/2012), a blog that presents news about celebrity news and fashion trends .. 

Kristen Stewart driving scenes without any clothes covered her body in the new movie 'On The Road'. Some scenes also showed sexiness Robert Pattinson's lover body. Female 22 years old it looks comfortable though not a single thread that covered her body. In some scenes look Christian was lying on a bed with a smile broke. Scenes another show he is flanked by two men. The incident also occurred in a car. Christians felt he was old enough to do the scene. According to the actress born 9 April 1990, he would not dare to do so if he was only 17 years old. "That does not bother me. When I got on the set, just take a breath and let it happen," he said as quoted by MTV News on Monday (17/9/2012).