Donatella Versace and Lady Gaga: Terry Richardson's Diary

A few days ago Lady Gaga has inflamed Milan... and twice!
The first time the night she attended a lavish dinner at home to Palazzo Versace, hosted by Donatella. Fans huddled under the balcony, a profusion of roses thrown by the star and the fashion designer, the glamor and gossip. 

The second time was the night of the concert that Lady Germanotta held at Mediolanum Forum, front and tens of thousands of crazed fans, from from all over Italy. Versace had already talked about the evening showing pictures of the paparazzi, but the photos of the dinner had not yet finished... was to be expected, since with them was one of the most popular, creative and original photographers fashion in the world! Terry Richardson has enjoyed documenting the evening in his own way and, given the subject, could not jump out something a little 'bold...! Although we expected from Gaga even something worse... A photo is making the rounds of the web is where he portrays Donatella and Gaga in the bathroom, with the singer semi-naked, hiding (?) breasts! Fetish, excess, opulence... the three key words of the style of two women! was impossible not to get along, do not you think?.. PS But what about the boots??