Kim Kardashian: The Myth of her ass falls into the water

Kim Kardashian has shared her curves to swimmers at sulfurous Miami Beach. The bimbo was displayed in bikini for the first time after her divorce with Kris Humphries. But it is not XL buttocks we could discover ... Kim's house, Kim went shopping yesterday and it was Kim at the beach ... A true remake of Martine, but with twice less clothing on the body.

Kim Kardashian known for her buxom body and silicone dose was realized early February in Miami Beach in a small purple bikini. But it is not very rounded buttocks that was discovered. Which relies on its impeccable plastic indulges in recent times.

Kim Kardashian arrives she still to seduce Jeremy Lin in a future hot date ? Indeed, it would set his sights on the American basketball player. lets you enjoy the plastic Kim below. We like it or not fake ass ... Kim Kardashian The bimbo who claims not recover so easily from her divorce with Kris Humprhies, did not hesitate to take a bath alone on the beach in Miami. And it is not very firm buttocks that was discovered. Buttocks as photographed would therefore an illusion.

According to a source close to her ex-husband Kris Humpries, Kim would hard to wear a diaper rebounded: "She uses pads shaped buttocks, tight mini shorts and lots of other things for improve. When she pulls her shorts in spandex, pads and everything else, the result is far from being the same. "Photoshop was not enough to grow back his train.

 The siren does not lack suitors to accompany dipping. According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian was recently seen her ex Reggie Bush for lunch head to head. Kanye West, Jeremy Lin, Reggie Bush ... they seem to be many queuing to seduce beautiful. But beware, those who think that Kim is a one-night get dressed. Indeed Kim Kardashian says she did not make love since her marriage. So disappointed? Or rather seduced?