In its issue of October magazine "Esquire" is offered Morena Baccarin, the actress from the series "Homeland", scantily clad in a sexy photo shoot.

Morena Baccarin, following the success of its new series " Homeland, "has agreed to pose in lingerie for the latest issue of " Esquire. " The beautiful Brazilian 33 years appears in lascivious positions for the greatest pleasure of his fanbase.
Morena Baccarin is illustrated in numerous sci-fi series with high reputation. Her first notable appearance was in 2002 in the show " Firefly ", shot by Josh Whedon ("Buffy against the vampires," "Avengers") where the beautiful brunette played the role of Inara Serra.

Then, in 2006, Morena Baccarin has joined the team of " Stargate SG-1 "as an Adria, one of the leading opponents of the tenth and final season of the hit series after the eponymous film. A dark and dangerous side of his personality that caused a stir in the land of Uncle Sam and allowed Morena Baccrin be chosen in 2009 to become Anna, the leader of the invaders in the remake of the hit series " V".

A successful television career and continues today with "Homeland." This new series, currently broadcast in France on Canal, is a real hit since its inception in 2011. For proof, " Homeland "has received this year no less than four Emmy Awards The equivalent of the Oscars for American television, including the Best Television Series Drama. Click here to see a compilation of photos of Morena Baccarin published in "Esquire".