Tom Cruise Spend Rp 58 Million with Suri Cruise

Moments with Suri Cruise seems to be the greatest happiness for the most popular celebrity Tom Cruise. No wonder the Mission Impossible star is not thinking twice about spending a lot of money.

Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise

Reported from Us Magazine, Tom reportedly spend $ 6,200 (more than $ 58 million in exchange Saturday, July 21, 2012) to bring Suri walk around with a helicopter. Apparently he wanted to make sure that their children are happy as long with him.

One source said that the 50-year actor accidentally hired a helicopter from Peir 6 Heliport, which is worth about $ 3,100 each way. If the calculated round-trip, the total cost reaches $ 6,200. With the helicopter, Tom brought his son to travel to East Hampton, New York. Besides enjoying the beach, Tom & Suri also enjoy a variety of exciting experiences during the trip.

In addition to tens of millions of dollars, of course, there are many other costs incurred Tom for her baby. Given previous habits Suri with Tom, of course there will be many prizes to be awarded Tom.