Kim Kardashian once again in sexy bikini on Twitter

Proud of her rounded ... and it shows! Kim Kardashian has again posted two new pictures of her in a bikini on his Twitter account. Pictures in natural untouched. The least we can say is that it is love in bikini! Having shown in swimsuit latex on his Twitter, Kim Kardashian is back with his faithful friend, the good old bikini! This time, it is brown with touches of gold it takes a picture in front of his bathroom mirror ... twice! 3 minutes apart, the reality TV star tweeted a photo and looked right to see it well from all angles ... See what? Her rounded, of course, but not only. The bimbo 31 years accompanied his tweets of hashtags # nofilter (no filter), # nophotoshop (no photoshop) to clarify that the photos are not retouched! A response to critics who suspected her of exaggerating its weight. After all, what we see is it not better than what you hear?