Rihanna, Lady Gaga more popular than social networks?

Most followed personality on social networks with over 83 million fans, singer Rihanna is positioned in the first position of the ranking made last week by Forbes magazine.
What does one recognize the reputation of a personality? A number of his followers on Twitter and his mass of fans on Facebook? It has all the air if one believes the annual ranking of Forbes magazine who set last week, positioning the most followed celebrities on social-networks.

Means of communication favorite stars, Facebook and Twitter are used daily by personalities from the world of music, film but also in football. 

With more than 83 million fans (23.8 million and 59.6 million on Twitter on Facebook), Rihanna has established itself as the personality most followed on social networks, and so steals the spotlight from her sister Lady Gaga, totaling 81 million "Littles Monsters" as she loves nickname.

Singer Justin Bieber can count on 26 million Twitter followers and 45 8 million Facebook fans. Forbes magazine also stated that the second half of the survey includes Shakira (17.6 million followers and 52.5 million fans), the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, the first and only top athlete, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne and Selena Gomez.