Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz spend time together

There are connections between Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz? "Come on Cam, stay away!" Scientology! Both celebrities are spending more and more time together these days and since Tom arrived at Cameron party party at his hotel in London, Co-worth Park on August 30, the two stars walking together. "Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz always very well heard, they are very close. Cameron is totally the kind of Tom? the famous actress, breathtaking and strong woman. They have a chemistry hell. "Do you see couples?

After being sued for divorce Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise has not got the new trailer. But the latest news is now Mission Impossible actor was close intimacy with a beautiful artist cameron Diaz.

As reported by Showbizspy, proximity Tom and Cameron Diaz is known as the father of Suri Cruise was helping prepare 40th anniversary Cameron Diaz at Coworth Park Hotel August.

`Tom and Diaz are very intimate', said a source for the United Touch Weekly magazine.

Furthermore, the source says that Cameron Diaz is a fan of Tom Cruise opposite Tom thinks Cameron is the type of woman of his dreams.

`Cameron think Tom is awesome, and Cameron is the type of woman dreams of Tom, a powerful and amazing', said the source.

`I think they've had relationships in the past. They both have a strong interest`. he added.