Amanda Bynes: "I hate being compared to Lindsay Lohan!"

Along as Lindsay Lohan has unearthed the hatchet publicly attacking Amanda Bynes, and it meets the least we can say is that it does not LiLo in her heart ... Amanda Bynes is in the midst of troubled times. All eyes turned to her since her accident in rehearsals and the publication of scandalous pictures where you can see smoke marijuana while driving his vehicle.

But in addition to her misfortunes, she must also contend with the treacherous attacks of Lindsay Lohan who is surprised that it is not thrown in jail.

According to TMZ , Amanda would be great rebound following statements Lindsay and she would have sent the following text message to a friend: "I HATE being compared to her!" As more and she is right, she has never been arrested for consumption drugs or driving while intoxicated, while 

Lindsay can not say the same. Amanda says she was never a friend of Lindsay and she'd better focus on its own problems and leave her alone! We feel that they will not spend the next holiday together ...