Justin Bieber: abuse, alcohol, drugs, abortion ... His mother says it all in his autobiography!

Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber's mother, has released an autobiography in which she returns on all difficult passages of his life. Victim of sexual violence, she sometimes thought the worst. His son is now one of the most celebrated singers of her generation ... Discovered by Usher on YouTube, Justin Bieber did not take long to meet the fame and success but never forgot where he came from. 

If ever the singer was no longer remember, the recently published autobiography that his mother is there to remind him of how she fought for him ... In the midst of promoting her book Nowhere Purpose Up: The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom, Pattie Mallette was yesterday invited the Today Show .During the show, the mother of Justin Bieber returned to his difficult adolescence and the sexual abuse he suffered. "I learned that it is normal and natural for any victim of sexual abuse feel guilty and ashamed as if you were unhealthy. I still have the stigmata . "Confused and ill at ease, 

Pattie Mallette took refuge in drugs and alcohol and even attempted suicide. Pattie recalls that act as an "accumulation of years of abuse and suffering being ravaged by all the alcohol and all drugs consumed it." "I was in depression and drug and alcohol did not help things." Interned in psychiatry, the mother of Justin Bieber decides to take back the day she crosses paths with a Christian counselor who restores life taste. At 17 years, Pattie became pregnant by her boyfriend of the time Jeremy Bieber.

While his entourage advised an abortion, the woman can not take action. "I knew I could not do it. I knew I could not. I had to keep it and do my best. I do not know how I would get there but I knew I was not to abort. I was desperate to get there." Against all odds, Pattie raised only the son who is now 18 years old pocketed millions ...