Lindsay Lohan: the war with Amanda Bynes!

Lindsay lohan did not understand why she had to go to jail while the blonde escapes constantly, despite its many "hit and run" ... Lindsay Lohan has pretty bad right now. Because when it comes to answer for his actions before the courts, the courts have never spared.

The starlet, what they say, has always tried to front as well as possible and after a rather dark, the light comes in through the movie Liz & Dick, who signed his big comeback in small papers Hollywood. And it does not digest right now, this is just another starlet, Amanda Bynes, is not bothered by it more than justice.

Because despite its many "hit and run" (colliding with a car and escape) and his unfortunate habits harmful to health the blonde has so far not been just as heavy as the car only Lilo ... the moment was confiscated! "Why I was in prison and star of Nickelodeon had no punishment so far", Lilo tweeted, adding, "It is in moments like this that I appreciate the experiences I had, living without regrets". So, what do you think the reaction of Lindsay Lohan?