Selena Gomez gets picked up by Colonel Reyel on Twitter

Monday, Selena Gomez was visiting Paris. The young woman, girlfriend of Justin Bieber, guest on NRJ, did not fail to show his love for music Colonel Reyel. And to enjoy it to the dredge.

Selena Gomez came without her boyfriend Justin Bieber. While in Paris, she was invited to NRJ promote her single  Love you like a love song. During the show, the young 20 year old woman listened to some clips offered by Cauet. And apparently, the singer has mostly adhered to a securities Colonel Reyel. R'n'B singer appreciated. And did not take long to know via his Twitter account: " In what seems Selena Gomez love my music, I like his physique, "she said in a message posted on the Tuesday. Colonel Reyel is far from being insensible to the charms of Selena Gomez... The singer who just released a new single called Hey, noodles band heralding his album in stores September 10th, is not its first bang. Already when he was approached to represent the French delegation to the London Olympics in late July, had sent Colonel Reyel the finger to users on a photo accompanying one of his tweets.