They are naked, prepare the camera!

Daniel Samper Pizano an analysis of the journalistic invasion in the life of the royal family.

QUESTION: What is a character naked British royalty that others have not?

ANSWER: Press is easy to assume that members of the British royal family care about close curtains, turn off lights and keep important phone conversations for fear that someone to see, hear, photograph, film, record and bring out. They are right. For many years suffering from the siege of the tabloids for his country, huge yellow wart entrenched in a culture of high-level information in the world. Recent weeks revealed a new attack on the privacy of the peculiar family. The victims this time are the two sons of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who was fleeing a paparazzi (photographers insatiable spies) was killed in an accident when Paris fifteen years ago.

The child, Harry, was photographed naked cuclĂ­ playing with a girl in a Las Vegas hotel, the graphs came to The Sun, posting Murdoch group where the formula was imposed anything goes when it comes to getting information. (Lea also: Demand for William and Kate to Closer is not the first of the royal family.) Who took the pictures? Any of those present at the orgy, now a cellphone and sufficient oversight to catch images and send them to any destination in seconds.

Unlike the case of his brother William, grandson of Queen and virtual heir to the throne, when caught sunning with his young wife, Kate Middleton, in a private villa on the French coast. The predator was the traditional professional hound that is installed in a tree or a hill away from the house, pointing to the pool with a powerful telescopic camera... and waits patiently.

If you have good luck, sell the fruits of their intrusion by hundreds of thousands of dollars, for by trade paparazzo is not only one of the less noble of journalism but perhaps the most remunerative. In the photographs of William and Kate, now published by several magazines and journals in Ireland, Sweden, France, Italy and Denmark, but none in England, the beautiful brunette of 30 years appears without the bikini top. He says there are others, which is not below. surprises come the phone The author sued affected snapshots and Mondadori, the company that bought them, and at least get as French authorities issue arrest. In the past, this was enough to halt the spread of the vetoed. But with the Internet, social networks and antisocial networks, the poor victim has not yet been wearing when he walks naked around the globe: it is as empty a pool with a strainer.

The battle between the British royal family and the British tabloids is a classic whose intensity increases as the descendants of Queen seeking to exercise the rights of any citizen-fun, sunbathing, playing cuclĂ­-and technology to photograph and record is increasingly effective, small and refined. As a result, many have aired dirty laundry of royalty who liquidated his untouchable status. (Follow this link to read: French Justice banned republish photos of Kate Middleton.) In August 1992 published photos of Sarah Ferguson, wife of Andrew, son of Queen, when frolicking bare-chested with a Texan millionaire. Scenario, the expected: summer pool, private villa in southern France, raging hormones. Around the same time, The Sun transcribed pieces of intimate conversation with his mistress Lady Di, and set up a phone line journal where anyone could hear curious Full tape paying $ 15.

In a single day is called morbid 40,000 bemoaned the ornament you just put Diana Spencer in the head of your spouse. But Carlos was waiting to surprise: in January 1993 the German and English tabloids transcribed six minutes of loving telephone conversation between the prince and his girlfriend injured underground-now wife Camilla Parker-Bowles. Carlos seethed with passion and swore his beloved, a metaphor for doubtful lyricism, that would be a buffer to keep it close. trouble is that the once demure English not worried mostly that is unlawful, defamatory and a violation of the journalistic ethics way to get the photos and recordings erotic nudists. "The middle classes-wrote in 1992 the essayist Paul Johnson-are becoming more selective in what they condemn and forgive." Sarah will not accept anything, to Lady Di will tolerate everything.

Public and private companies and other crowns Others have also suffered the journalistic invasion of privacy. Are memorable water sex scenes between Stephanie of Monaco and musician Ron Bloom. Also Sophia Loren topless on a beach, Brigitte Bardot as we saw in the movies, and romantic stories about King Juan Carlos of Spain, which appeared in the Italian press. The mother of all invasions were, of course, the nude scenes Jacqueline Kennedy which Greek statue on the island of Skorpios with her ​​second husband, Aristotle Onassis.

A photographer, a telephoto lens and a boat in 1971 allowed ridiculous remaining in all of billionaire security measure. Nothing, however, as the British royal family. Of gossip have not escaped but Elizabeth and her husband, because even the Queen Mother accused of having an affair with a soldier during WWII. For more blush, a socialist soldier. It must be said, however, that sometimes the royals themselves manipulate the media to wage war stories and offer goats in exchange for good treatment. "With very bad taste, Carlos and Diana have taken the news thirst for their own benefit," he said in 1993 the columnist Peter Millar. Englishmen are indignant outrage overflows periodically when the stripe and then propose laws and self-regulatory rules that have just in little or nothing.

Only in the case of Murdoch, when unscrupulous reporters jaquearon the answering of a kidnapped girl, were opened to them the gates of the prison. (Read here: The British royal couple, 'troubled' by topless photos of Kate). law generally protects privacy and sets limits to the press when run into the private lives of citizens. Basically, any public figure in a public place is public, but in private site will be public only if the general interest prevails. Examples: Juan Manuel Mrs. Santos and the beach public and JMS lady in the pool of his estate: private and JMS 'Timoshenko' in the pool of his estate: public. standards are more lax with public figures, but always delimit a corner inviolable. There are sunning Kate and William when the attacker struck.