Angelina Jolie's teenage dreams of their children

Angelina Jolie  wants to maintain good relationships with their children when they grow up and never doubt that they can count on it.

The actress and mother of six is delighted that their offspring grow and live their more rebellious times, but knows it will be "hard" for the whole family. "I'm excited about that are [teenagers] and so am with no have to feel that they are doing anything wrong. I'll be your friend and be honest with them, and I hope that whatever it is that passing so, count me out.It's the best I can do. I'll try to be as close to them as I am now so that when the time comes where you do not want to tell me their problems, know without a doubt that I love and have a great relationship, but those years will be tough for everyone," said Angelina! The newly released interpreter and director also admitted that it is much less strict with their sons than with their daughters, since they have pursue their "dad". " Brad is much less severe with the girls and I, with the children. know not why, although it's probably because I know women, It is something Freudian's see and recognize what they are doing, so I know that will make the ball to dad and he'll love it," she confessed.