Hollywood Trends: "The Dark Knight"

Just released on August 29 in Italy and already the fresh news that " The Dark Knight - The Return" has exceeded one billion  dollars at the box office worldwide.

After the receipt of $ 1,001,921,825 the previous "The Dark Knight" there was no doubt that this third installment of the trilogy of Nolan Batman would have a stratospheric success, but perhaps not everyone (including me) would have sworn that it would be repeated the billion.

To prepare for this new - and last - adventure Bat Man, then, a quick review of the previous episodes might be a good strategy, even to deepen the work of a director who is becoming more and more strongly on the film scene that counts.

Never change a winning team and Christopher Nolan knows. Adding to the tested Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman (plus a quick appearance of Cillian Murphy) other extremely famous actors like Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal taking the left by Katie Holmes, the director continues his personal refurbishment of the famous Batman, cinema, thanks to his new found glory. A mind-boggling collection ($ 1,001,921,825) scored without the aid of 3D and a slew of Oscar nominations (8) and won two statuettes (the most important in Heath Ledger as supporting actor) will officially dedicate the success.

In a crescendo of pathos, violence, cruelty and twists Bruce Wayne will be confronted with what at the time, is certainly his enemy unexpectedly unscrewed and sadistic: Joker. Heath Ledger will paint a portrait sick and twisted as effective as disturbing. See him in this trial has convinced me that, actually, the Oscar was pi $ C3? that never deserved despite its tragic end had virtually assured him almost as popular Hollywood and farewell. 

much I reassessed this film that I had an idea, of course, influenced by the events of the time when he was out. In fact the actor's death drew such an echo for me to lose the 'concentration' necessary to create my own opinion on this, "The Dark Knight" that valutavo even lower than the previous installment of the saga. To be fair, however, the difference is pretty obvious and, indeed, there is a certain awareness, if not maturity, compared to "Batman Begins." 

Batman is more modern anti-hero, forced into hiding by the society in which he lives that considers even a criminal. But will not hesitate to sacrifice for it to become a scapegoat for a situation which, theoretically, should be resolved in the forthcoming "The Dark Knight - The Return."

Between one equilibration Joker and Two-Face incarceration brand-new, the Bat Man has certainly his work cut out for combat criminals increasingly fierce and brutal in their actions. And the moral implications not long in coming.

Well done and, above all, well-structured, "The Dark Knight" is certainly one of the films based on comics prosciutto of modern cinema. The footprint of the Nolan is so marked as to be now visible symbol and indispensable for every film (look for yourself "Insomnia," "The Prestige," "Inception") so as to make recognizable and distinguishable every product. Mastrioska a complex narrative, but quite understandable that makes every vision pleasantly intriguing. As in this case.  Recommendations: Better watch this movie at least once after viewing the first. Too many details and too many characters make it difficult - if not boring - the vision of "The Dark Knight" without prior preparation.