He had already said he was done with music, but this time it is "almost" sure, Justin Timberlake is preparing a new album, scheduled for 2013.

Well decided to revive MySpace, Justin Timberlake already has other projects in mind. Would there be enough of cinema? Not really, but this should not prevent devote himself to music, where it excels over by us. According to Laurent Rossi Jive Epic Label boss, who manages Justin Timberlake, the singer is trying to work on a new album.

Interviewed by "Europe 1", the man told that Justin Timberlake was back in the studio and he is currently working on a new musical project with his sidekick always Timbaland. New titles, best-of? It is still a bit in the dark but we can already dreaming of a brand new album and not just mere remixes. In August, rumors already stated that the actor / singer was ready to get back into the song. Alas, it was immediately denied, Justin only working on the new album of Timbaland, not hers. So umpteenth stuffed or real homecoming?

As a reminder, Justin Timberlake has not released an album since 2006. At the time, his "FutureSex / LoveSounds" had a real hit in the world.