MTV Video Music Awards 2012

This night another big night in the U.S. is consumed red carpet, celebrities and live music. 
Now in its 29th edition of the awards MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's) which crowns the best music videos of the year, has seen present a firmament of stars of the first order in a parade of oddities and (relative) good taste.

The most talked about of all - that took home the prize for the best Video of the Year - was Rihanna and her new very short haircut (with the addition of a turban during live). He divided opinion.
Beautiful Katy Perry, unusually sober, it shows a tint of natural color. Which can not be said of Nicki Minaj - best video by a female artist with "Straship" (on which I objected) - which occurred in fitting jumpsuit with over sized beret and a hair that fluorescent dusts off the good times " Telephone "by Lady Gaga. The latter, by the way, was absent from the event (as each category in the race). 
too similar to the (run-in) lesbo-look P! nk the new hairstyle of Miley Cyrus who gives a shot in 15 years more amazing.

Beautiful Alicia Keys, who, besides having learned to dress, has brought her son nearly two years to try to stick more cameras on him as possible, since the new song, presented live preview, there was really nothing of which (but out of tune is not it?).

For the rest you have to quote a well-dressed strangely Kesha, Chris Brown went from stylist to Gaga, Perry and Minaj and Taylor Swift femme fatale despite the face pincher. Calvin Harris DJ of the night - hello hello David Guetta - and host Kevin Hart that he was not silent for a second. Here the list of winners of  the MTV Video Music Awards.