GQ advantage of the upcoming release of Paperboy and the first images of the actress Grace Kelly, to discuss his filmography, between glamor and botox.

The last time (or almost) we saw Nicole Kidman was in a ridiculous ad for Schweppes ("hey, what did you expect?"). But where was the last (almost) greatest actress in the world, hunted Hitchcock Blonde ( Other ), the specialist female hysteria (a fake nose to play Virginia Woolf and Oscar-hop), the last muse kubrickienne ( Eyes Wide Shut )? Lately, the actress 44 years addicted to botox no longer played in the movies where all facial expression was prohibited (smooth face = inner emotions). The Hollywood in its heyday seemed gone. Phew, Nicole Kidman furbished arms of his come-bacj glamor. In a few days out The Paperboy, "a thriller sexual" signed Lee Daniels (already author of mash Precious ). Nicole Kidman plays a lovesick bimbo who seduces twink Zac Efron and scandal over his urine. L` Croisette is not only given. Then Nicole chaussera botinnes of arch-glamorous camping Grace Kelly (pictured), actress-turned-princess rock.