The craziest diets of celebrities

The famous are willing to do anything to be thin, but sometimes his methods are not very conventional. Meet the strange tricks of Jennifer Aniston, Liz Hurley and more.

If the world "mortal" is an important figure in Hollywood is essential. Thus, the famous do everything possible to maintain a lean and toned body that can look stunning on the red carpet. To achieve this, all is not Pilates, fitness and few carbohydrates, there are some famous beyond their diet and incorporate some "tricks" to lose weight more easily.

For example, the beauty Liz Hurley, who at 50 years is better than ever, has admitted on occasion that when you want to lose weight, making six cups of watercress soup a day. Although diet is not risky, it is important that the person doing it consider adding more items to your daily diet. Liz it deliver on this requirement? Another famous soups addict is Sarah Michelle Gellar, but she preferred unlimited servings of cabbage soup.

Who Is the pantry was full of baby food for a while? Not talking about Heidi Klum. Is Jennifer Aniston, who for his role in the comedy "Just Go With It" with Adam Sandler, where she had to walk around in bikinis and shorts because the movie was filmed in Hawaii only ate 15 servings of baby food a day to stay thin.

Meanwhile, the sexy Megan Fox prefers apple cider vinegar in everything you eat, it is known that the liquid has detoxifying properties that free the body of all the "extra". Beyonce is another fan of the liquid weight loss: and He did once, when he prepared for his role in "Dreamgirls." Besides herbal laxative, the mom now taking only water with lemon juice. Very extreme!

Meanwhile, Gwyneth Paltrow is going to basics and chew each bite 15 times their... Although it does propose a plan in his "way of life" GOOP in which to lose weight, follow a diet of only one meal a day, for 16 days.

But for extreme diets, no more than some 'angels' of Victoria's Secret, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Adriana Lima. Days before his big annual parade, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, models only take protein shakes made ​​from powdered eggs and water. And one day before the show, no water! Sounds dangerous...

Although these eccentricities ran the famous some time, eventually returned with his best friend: the gym. How otherwise explain these toned muscles?