Amanda Bynes was abandoned by her agent, her representative and her lawyer.

Actress Amanda Bynes has lost three members of his team in recent weeks, including her agent, her representative and her lawyer, who all say that it is very erratic behavior in recent months that prompted them to leave. A source told TMZ that his management team was unable to contact the actress for a month and that their attempts to help him have failed.

Amanda Bynes recall had many brushes with the law in recent months, when she was accused of driving impaired and two hit and run. The star of 26 years continues to pretend it never takes the wheel after drinking alcohol. She recently said she was withdrawing from an actress, which might explain why she would not have contacted his agent. She said: "I'm fine. I'm tired from acting. I'm moving to New York to launch my career. I am doing a clothing collection. I'm not talking about my arrest for driving while intoxicated, because I do not drink, I do not drive after drinking. It's all false."