Justin Bieber: the police want to question

U.S. police want to interview as soon as possible with singer Justin Bieber after a scuffle with a photographer that took place in May, TMZ reported Sunday.

Justin Bieber and paparazzi, a long story ... While TMZ revealed Friday that two paparazzi in pursuit of the singer had collided in Los Angeles, the young man of 18 years was recalled in an old case of the same kind.

Back arirere: continued to edge his car Friday afternoon in the streets of Los Angeles with paparazzi, Justin Bieber was arrested by police as he tries to sow photographers. Freed from punishment, Justin Bieber takes his way, but the paparazzi who want absolutely photographing star persevere and end up being victims of a road accident. The two photographers on motorcycles collide and crumble. If one of them is taken to hospital for "abdominal pain", nothing to worry about to report.

Hand paparazzi, Justin Bieber thought he had finished for the weekend. However, according to TMZ Sunday, the singer allegedly involved in an altercation with a paparazzi dating back to last May (read: Justin Bieber plays the bad boy in front of a paparazzi ), which deserves further clarification today.
According to TMZ still, the police would like to discuss with the interpreter Boyfriend and his girlfriend, singer Selena Gomez presents at the brawl that took place at the output of a cinema Calbasas in Los Angeles. Indeed, on May 27, the couple had left the scene before the police arrived. The photographer involved in the altercation had filed a complaint and the case landed on the sheriff's office, which is handling the case at the moment.

For its part, clan Bieber told the website TMZ that Justin Bieber will be happy to come and speak with the police.