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 Since she role Hanna Montana in 2006, Miley Cyrus has evolved side look. Gradually the girl turns into a famous and popular celebrity in the eyes of the whole Earth, and it suits him pretty well. Miley Cyrus went through various hair colors and cuts before reaching today a platinum blonde.
Back on the different looks of the star who tries to erase its image as "smooth Disney heroine".

In 2006, Miley Cyrus was 14 years and became the star of the hit series Hannah Montana. At the time, it wears the look of the teen well into his skin a radiant smile still clinging to his chubby face, no make-up (or almost) and lengths fastened very wise.

In 2008, singer Miley Cyrus is officially leaving his first album (other than times of Hannah Montana). She decides to change her look and opted for a brown and a look of kohl identified. This look is a little too dark for the sweet Miley. Moreover, it will soon come back to a brighter color.

Flawless Miley amounts to a color that suits him perfectly: a warm honey. And as she had the good idea to opt for a flexible smoothing retains a movement is successful. For makeup, she no longer separated from pencil underlining his eyes blue.

For the release of his new album in 2010, Miley Cyrus decided to get rid of the image of nice little girl Disney wise: it adopts on stage look decidedly sexy and does not hesitate to adopt a provocative attitude. The shadow of Britney skid (another former Disney star) seems to hover around Miley.
Varnish red, wavy lengths are his new trademark.

Miley is almost unrecognizable with this ultra smooth ponytail tie & dye. No doubt, if the goal was to make it look older, the result is a success! Everything is still a little too sophisticated for Miley.

Not easy growing up in the spotlight. Miley and knows something. At the slightest weight gain, she finds herself the laughingstock of the tabloids. To finish with these criticisms, the star began to plan. But some fear that Miley already has become addicted to the whisper that thinness and weight loss has become a new obsession for the actress-singer.

New love, new beginnings and new haircut. June 6, 2012, Miley announced her engagement to the handsome Liam Hemsworth . Her honey blonde is smoothed squared, his complexion bronzed and beautiful lips are forgotten in a discreet nude better highlight her eyes. The butterfly is definitely becoming woman.

Miley wants to prove that it too is no longer a teenager, Miley took the risk of adopting a brushing smelling of mothballs. And if the jacket worn on bare skin was a good idea, this hairstyle how "Dallas" is not appropriate for a girl of 19 years.

Last change date: Miley posted on her Twitter account pictures of her with a platinum blonde, so Marilyn.