Katie Holmes submit the next rules to her partner

The actress, 33, recently divorced Tom Cruise, also the father of her daughter, Suri, will not let anyone get in his life.

The wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes lasted 5 years, and the star has advised his friends is not ready to start a new relationship, despite the trysts they intend to organize.

To make them understand that they must stop, Holmes put his foot down and told them she wants to respect certain rules for his next partner. Moreover, it has also slipped a note to the National Enquirer.

Cruise Against Holmes
"Do not even think about if you want me to meet someone more than 5 years older than me!" She said. "The next time I want to meet a man of my age."

Since her divorce, rumors are rife on certain lanes relations with other men, but they were quickly denied.

It was part of his lawyer, and the second new flame that was attributed to Katie Holmes was none other than an old friend of the show Dawson, Joshua Jackson.