To believe the Swiss newspaper "Le Matin", Nadege, the winner of "Secret Story 6" would escort during her years of hard Geneva.

This is not the first time - and it will probably not be the last - a reality television candidate sees his past resurface. A past that reveals mostly sulfur. Today is Nadege, the lucky winner of "Secret Story 6" which is the subject of surprising revelations. To believe information the Swiss newspaper "Le Matin", the beautiful blonde who has never spread about his private life in "Secret Story", would have been before his time escort girl in TV show reality of TF1.

Whose real name is Nadege Lacroix, Genevoise 26 years was "too early teenager faces the harshness of life," wrote "Le Matin", explains the young woman left home at the age of 16 years because it does not get along with his stepfather. Left to itself, Nadege met a man with whom she falls madly in love. A "petty criminal" who share the life of the young woman for six years and who Nadege would have initiated to Islam, even agreeing to wear the veil.

This is after breaking up with the man that Nadege, helpless, would become escort girl understands "Le Matin", citing "reliable sources". The young woman takes a nickname and calls himself... Samantha Jones, as the man-eater series "Sex and the City"! But that's not all: according to the Swiss newspaper always, the young woman had been a sex worker "professionally residing in a massage parlor Geneva". Nadege would like to forget her past. Today, the young woman who took the course Florent wants to enjoy his victory in "Secret Story" to achieve his dream of becoming an actress. A dream which seems a reality as Nad├Ęge just got her first role in the series "Under the Sun".