Lady GaGa took 11 pounds, so what? To silence the talkers who mock its new form, the singer has decided to undress. The message is clear, it assumes completely.

Since she appeared on stage with a few extra pounds, Lady GaGa spends his time defending himself. Yes, she has gained weight. No, she is not pregnant. Yes, it feeds just very badly, the fault tiring world tour. Stunned by critics, the singer has taken things in hand by unveiling the official website pictures of her scantily clad. Complete Lady GaGa? Not even in your dreams!

Lady GaGa appears on every angle shots without artifice, far from the usual glamorous. Bra and thong, the singer of "Born This Way" reveals his body, and admits even suffer from eating disorders, "anorexia and bulimia since the age of 15 years", she says. But always ready to meet her Little Monster fetish around his cause, self-acceptance, she says she posted these pictures: "to inspire courage". Although he took as his fans did not fail to send messages of thanks or posting images of disability on Twitter to his attention.

Even when she creates a buzz that it did not create itself, Lady GaGa managed to control the hand of a master. She concludes: "My man prefers me with forms. When I eat, I'm healthy and I do not care about my image. I am happy, happier than ever". And this is what ultimately matters, right?