All those who supported Robert Pattison in the event he should just cross hair pulling right now. The actor impose the condition of marriage to Kristen Stewart, to be sure and certain that it does not fly again. That is a good reason and a romantic...

If you still doubted the flashback between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, it seems that their relationship is now very clear, at least as clear as the pictures of the beautiful lover with his director Rupert Sanders.

One close to the couple told the newspaper "The Daily Star" that Robert Pattinson was ready to move the ring finger to the infidel Kristen Stewart : "Robert really wants it to work and he wants to give him another chance, but only if it proves she wants too. Rob told Kristen that the only way to forgive her adventure she undertakes sincerely. Rob wants to marry a long time and he does not return with it unless that it is sure that this is for life. Though Kristen broke his heart he knew he could not live without it. has never stopped loving him and he thinks the really like it too. "

If the process seems a bit strange and desperate, is that the actor "Twilight" can not live without her Bella is cabbage.

However, Kristen Stewart, 22 years old, she will accept the terms imposed by marital Robert Pattinson, 26 years? Because if the actor of "Cosmopolis" is ready to commit quite a while since he had bought a ring to the actress just before the scandal broke, Kristen Stewart will not necessarily be as enthusiastic.

Indeed, at the time of the scandal, it was rumored that the actress had fallen for the director of "Snow White and the Hunter" because she was afraid of the marriage proposal from her boyfriend. Our Rob 'loved he pay a double humiliation? We hold our breath...