Lindsay Lohan: "The fate punishes my gossip!"

Today, I spent the last few days Amanda Bynes claim to go to jail for his many accidents and hit and run, I have myself been arrested for the same thing when she remains as free as air ... Damn karma!

I'm Lindsay Lohan! Today, as I read in the park, a small picks up the ball he started me on it. He apologized and I told him that it is not serious. She then said: "My mom told me that we had to look into the eyes when talking to someone."I have a very pronounced squint. Today, after lying a cuddle with my girlfriend, I feel my body shake his hand several reprises.

Surprised by a possible desire on his part, I asked what she did. She replied: "Sorry, I dreamed that I squeezed a tube of wax to put on my shoes." VDM Today I mechanically put an effervescent tablet in my mouth in order to close the box with both hands.