Daryl Hannah arrested in Texas

Actress Daryl Hannah was arrested in Texas for attempting to block the construction of an oil pipeline. 

The actress Kill Bill was placed under arrest for having intruded on private property as well as having resisted arrest.

Daryl Hannah and a local landowner, Eleanor Fairchild, were placed in front of the machinery that was used to construct a pipeline used to transport oil.

Thus blocking the activities of workers, and his sidekick Hannah hoped curb the work of Keystone, which creates a controversy since the announcement of its construction.

It must pass oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast, shocking landowners who see them being bought by governments. The scene takes place near Dallas, Texas.

The agent of the actress said: "The demonstrators will surely be kept in a cell overnight. They arrested Daryl, and a great-great-grandmother Texas. Winnsboro streets are probably safer now that they have arrested a rear-grandmother of 78 years. "

The actress was previously arrested in 2011 in Washington, for the same reasons, always in the folder Keystone.