Jennifer Garner is overwhelmed with 3 children

Jennifer Garner admits that raising three children is much more difficult than imagined.

Actress Jennifer Garner is on the brink of crisis with the arrival of his third child. While her husband, Ben Affleck, would like to have more children, on the other hand, the family stops there.

In February last the youngest happened. Even though Garner said she was very happy, now she feels she can not do it.

Upon issuance Conan O'Brian, she said: "We wanted three children, while we had a third, and I would not change it for the world. But you know that sometimes, even if they are two, they seem to be six? Then three children, it sometimes puts me right on the edge."

At least Jennifer Garner keeping his sense of humor. "After the birth of Samuel, I approached anyone in the street and say Would you come work for me? Could you help me please? Take just one child. Do something."

As for Ben Affleck, who wanted to have more kids, he admits that his wife is really patient. "I'm not very far. My wife is very patient. She takes care of everything. If I have time, I try to spend with my children, even if it is only for bathing. '