Kelly Osbourne: "Salma Hayek has some huge boobies"

During her visit to Mexico to unveil the new look of the channel E! Latin America , Kelly Osbourne gave a press conference with the national media, who else to ask about his career, questioned about her opinion on Latino celebrity stars.

About Salma Hayek, she said: "she has a huge boobies, continues to develop her style now that has to Elizabeth Stewart as its new image consultant." While George Kotsiopoulos , another guest of the event E! Latin America added to the laughter of all: "married well."

We could not miss the question about Sofia Vergara , to which Kelly responded with praise, ensuring that he liked her style and she was beautiful. But  Kotsiopoulos, "Vergara has a style that highlights her curves too."

The daughter of Ozzy Osbourne confessed that she likes to be an icon for women: "I like this mix of my clothes, I like to be an icon for the people and not be untouchable, I like girls see me as a fashion icon" she replied. Both she and her companion Kotsiopoulos shared how fun it can be your profession and scope of the program which are conductive, Fashion Police. "It's fun having to understand the scope Fashion Police in the world, we have found people who asks us tips on the street or at the airport," she concluded.