Pippa Middleton in black and red: there seems to be a bit gloomy

She was for some time, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge made ​​famous by her now historic, side b. Of those who will never speaking unless of Pippa Middleton?
Well, the sister of Kate was paparazzi in recent days on the streets of London intent to stroll and enjoy a nice hot coffee sporting an outfit that I would never have expected from one that is often used to wear clothes in shades of white or lightly colored (READ ALSO: Pippa Middleton is celebrating its 29 years in New York with a total red look easy)

This time Pippa seems to have changed genre jumping into total black with touches of red, coupled with that, to be honest, does not convince me much about her because she gives it looked too serious and makes it look much more in later years than it is!


A jeans paired with a simple black T-shirt red covered by a black jacket. In matching a pair of boots with heels, they also blacks, and a bag over the shoulder of the same red shirt.
In addition, not content, to make the look even bleaker, a nice pair of sunglasses -black.
Thumbs down for this outfit, what do you think?