Ozzy Osbourne Suffers Injuries in House Fire

The home of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne in Beverly Hills, suffered a fire on the morning of Wednesday (16).

The fire left the rocker without eyebrows, and part of the hair, face, ear and hand with minor burns. "All is well. Ozzy We were just me and the dogs in the house last night," Sharon said in his program TV, "The Talk." "Close to 5 am, I heard a noise like metal falling to the ground.

Thought it was my maid coming and that she had dropped the keys, so not paying attention. Few minutes later my eyes started burning and my throat close 'has something smells weird in here. "So, my dogs started barking," she added. The fire was caused by a candle that was inside a glass candle holders and container exploded, because the rocker Black Sabath forgot to delete it before going to sleep. When you wake up and realize the beginning of the fire in the living room, Sharon tried to erase, but just spreading the fire even more.

Ozzy had undergone surgery the day before in the hand and opened a wound while trying to control the fire. Firefighters were called to the residence and arrived quickly. At the end of the program, Sharon thanked the firefighters, apologized for the accident and advised viewers to beware of candles.