People's Choice Awards 2013: A Celebrity posing on the red carpet

You have to see what he likes to our most international celebrities posing in a red carpet, right? Yesterday was the show of the People's Choice Awards, which amounts to an awards ceremony at the celebrities who has the public fonder. Voting experts are not critical or through, only fans and stars. Come and see the outfits they spent our famous and cannons that were presented our famous.

Jennifer Lawrence won the award for best supporting actress, and is, as we predict in a while Poprosa, 'The Hunger Games' would bring more tail than a royal wedding dress. The dress is serious and, in my opinion, somewhat bland.

Sandra Bullock took his thing is that it is also a crowd favorite when it comes to humanitarian work is concerned. With this elegant skirt, a top youth and shoes to match her ​​pink lips landed on the red carpet as he owned the place.

Emma Watson was well cool! Mind you, I mean the cold she went through as she flashes bath because although the dress goes well with the occasion, the weather is not nothing.
Lea Michele and Chris Colfer left the pavilion Glee loud, of course. The series not to receive awards and is, thus keeping the public happy is normal after so out of handsome in all soirees. The reward will leave you with smooth skin and make the costumes are like a glove!

Elegant even in the toilet

If during the broadcast of the red carpet was really someone who would create excitement, that was Taylor Swift. When the good girl of the country down to the limo so many screams were heard more than you thought you had to defuse a bomb. As always, he was made ​​a brush.

Naomi Watts is that part. 'Impossible' is coming to unexpected places (including the Corte Ingles) and how could it be otherwise, donned in a stunning black and gold dress with open back, that always gets a lot of the cameras.

Heidi Klum, also not lose any soiree, riding his line: the 'I put what I put me out defects is complicated'. Ahrg, which infuriates me this woman.

Buenorros making bread and dip

Ian is Handsomer barrel, it is an undeniable fact that after you have voted as the horniest prose Aroma 2012. Such appearances do that one can not deny it.

From wedge in wedge and shot because I have. Matt Bomer appeared very elegant and very lonely for my taste. I have cared nothing accompany all night. Turn down the heat Somebody I are getting some heat ...

Obvious: The Divas also point

They are never less and if the opportunity is there to receive and singing are Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera. The two were awarded for lifetime achievement. Yes Xtina who dared to sing a ballad from her latest album 'Lotus', Katy just took the stage to thank. So are they.

And here we come to look at the most prominent celebrities of the night of January 9. No events quitéis eye that never stop and the next one is just around the corner: Golden Globes, Grammy!