The new husband of Kate Winslet and celebrity experts

Edward Smith, nephew of Virgin boss did not like the name and changed it to Ned Rock'n'roll
After marrying the actress, and suggests ways as famous, has won the lawsuit against the British tabloid which published a naked picture of him hanging on Facebook.

Edward Abel Smith was photographed partially nude for years. It was in a party of students like him, organized on the theme gall, and the suit he had chosen this English millionaire was designed more to reveal that to cover. The picture was captured by a friend of his, James Pope, in which he spent years Facebook profile published without attracting attention. Until now. This week, Smith's lawyer, David Sherborne, led tabloid The Sun before a judge to veto the publication of the image in its pages. Won. Whether a picture revealing the torso of this man of 34 years has passed to cause indifference to social networking interest worthy of a lawyer denotes the transition to celebrity Smith has suffered in recent days.

Was never really a stranger. It's eccentric nephew of Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group owner and patriarch of the plebeian alternative to the British royal family, which automatically makes him worthy of the British general interest. Played in addition, the requirements of all Branson: extensive social life; tendency to interact with the real royal family studiously youthful attitude, and, depending on who you know, a huge facility to play with your image. But in late December, he knew he had done something unprecedented in his family to marry a commoner more internationally famous they named Kate Winslet.

"Richard Branson is an expert in marketing, "says Tom Bowers by phone, author of several biographies on the tycoon. "I gave away, not without intelligence, Lady Di to travel to be joined with the airline Virgin, and has always strived for their children to get together with royalty." Of the half dozen relationships between Branson and nobility, Smith, son of Richard's younger sister, the painter Lindy, was more settled: he met Eliza Pearson, Viscount Cowdray's daughter, at a party in 2006. The next day, they were traveling together to Necker, one of the British Virgin Islands owned by Richard where the family tends to celebrate their weddings. Two years later, they decided to marry.

The link was an extravaganza worthy of the lineage: officiated by a druid in the area of 69 square kilometers of Viscount to 250 guests, culminating in a beach where a punctured dj electronic music for dancers Ugandans. "It was very unconventional, very us," Eliza later describe the Daily Mail. Very... Ned Rocknroll, the name by which Smith had legally changed his. "It may sound immature, but we wanted to play with the name" Eliza illustrated in the same interview. "Ned said that we took very seriously, and wanted to change that image. And Ned, no last name, apparently is illegal, stayed in Ned Rocknroll ".

The name stuck with the job that Ned occupied in the family business: chief astronaut experience in Virgin Galactic, the family division aimed at space travel. Who allegedly were in charge from the strict anonymity disagree with your concept of working: o assume that if Ned was working there part-time, or ensure that the post, which he was created, it was just an excuse for a paycheck, because he did not seen lounging by the offices. Today not on the website of the company, and there are those who repeat what the tabloids: that while stepping down to focus on "raising sheep in the field." A younger brother, Otto Brockway, also is supposed employee at Virgin, although by their polo matches (and being, of course, the first official boyfriend of Princess Eugenie, younger daughter of the Duke of York).

Ned Rocknroll separated from Eliza Pearson in April 2011, he divorced her in June and fell in love with Kate Winslet in August. The Oscar-winning actress had gone to Necker Island with model Louis Dowler, her first boyfriend since the divorce from director Sam Mendes in 2010. During his stay, the main residence was destroyed by fire, leading the first owner of the family starring Winslet: actress took literally the mother of Sir Richard, the nonagenarian Eve, the house to save it from the flames. "It could have gone downstairs myself, but it was very dark, were slippery, and not wearing contact lenses," grumbled the old woman in a written testimony in the back of a ticket sold to Virgin and the means to donate money to charity. "Kate was behind me, and I was concerned that was blocking the way to their children."

The headline would be more specific: Winslet and Rocknroll, seen at the airport in Newark (New Jersey) in October. In 2012, the couple and formally attended the Golden Globes in September, Ned bought his girlfriend a fifteenth century mansion in West Sussex worth two and a half million euros for him to live in England.

In December secretly married in New York to 12 guests (each invited six), which did not include their parents. Leonardo DiCaprio, co-star of two of the most famous movies of the actress, Titanic and Revolutionary Road, took the bride to the altar. International interest in the unknown Ned Rocknroll soared. Weeks later, the forgotten torso photo Edward Abel Smith was leading The Sun to court. The couple claimed in a statement that it was to "protect the children of Winslet". As if Ned Rocknroll adult would be a formal, a celebrity of that subpoena failing lawyer David Sherborne, none of his relatives want to reveal anything.